Welcome to the home page for the South African QGIS User Group.

Regional Meetups

Since South Africa is a large country, it is not convenient for most of our members to convene in a central location. Instead we are forming regional subgroups.

Mailing list

We have set up a mailing list that will allow members to communicate with one another and to discuss matters related to QGIS and our User Group. You can join this mailing list by registering on this page:

Cape Town

The Cape Town subgroup held a meeting on Friday 24th March at Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information in Mowbray.


The first Gauteng meetup was held at the CSIR in Pretoria on November 25th 2016. Notes from this meeting appear in our blog post.

Your region?

If you are interested in holding meetups in another region and have sufficient local interest, please let us know and we will add the details here.

About Us

The South African QGIS User Group is an open community of professionals and enthusiast who use QGIS..


Immo Blecher.
email: immob19 [AT] gmail.com
First ever QGIS Cape Town meetup 1 year, 12 months ago